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Well, firstly, welcome to twothemountains. I'm Andrew - most commonly referred to as 'Howie'. My partner Rachel and I had bounced ideas around for a while about creating a digital space where we can share our content and an insight into our world.

We live in the Yarra Valley region of Australia and are fortunate enough to be on the brink of a mountain biking boom. We want to use twothemountains to help showcase the beautiful terrain and well crafted trails that make our home unique.

For 2018 Rachel has signed to LIV cycling Australia and will be spending the next few months preparing for the continental Asia-pacific enduro series.

We are both extremely passionate about travel and minimalistic living. We have just spent the last 2 years travelling Canada and North America. Our long term goal is to create a life throughs our passions and to call a tiny house in the valley our home. Watch this space!

Thanks for dropping by - if you see us on the trails come say hey!

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